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If you are looking for master gas meter inspection near me, we are your solution. Liberty-Gandy Pipeline Services of Arizona is the largest privately-owned natural gas master meter/pipeline maintenance, repair, and replacement company in Arizona. With our crews of professional, highly trained and qualified natural gas technicians, our goal is reliability, safety, and Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) compliance for all your natural gas master meter requirements in Arizona. 

photo of a natural gas meter, Liberty-Gandy provides master gas meter inspection near me
As of January 1, 2019

AZCC Master Meter Policy Update 2019

Operators must plan to either make their master meter systems fully compliant with state and federal regulations or have them converted to traditional gas systems operated by a regulated public service corporation. If operators choose compliance, they have five years before they’re fined for noncompliance (although the ACC retains its authority to shut down systems that pose an immediate threat to public safety). Read more on about ACC Master Meter Compliance.

Use our master meter services to:

  • Ensure ACC compliance – Fulfill your annual compliance reporting obligations with our yearly safety inspections and comprehensive inspection reports. We are your master gas meter inspection near me.
  • Maintain, repair, and replace master meters – Avoid government fines and safety risks by allowing our technicians to maintain your equipment to the highest standards and repair or replace damaged units.
  • Review operating manual and emergency plans – Fulfill the regulatory requirement of understanding the operating manual and emergency plans by allowing us to “translate” these documents into language that makes sense.

Master meter inspection services include:

photo of a network of natural gas piping, representing the master gas meter inspection near me offered by Liberty-Gandy, among other gas services

  • Odor tests
  • Proper valve operation
  • Aboveground piping inspections
  • Underground piping inspections
  • Leak surveys
  • Gas system mapping
  • Line locating
  • Cathodic protection reads

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) requires your facility to have a natural gas pipeline inspection by an approved natural gas licensed contractor. If your mobile home park, apartment complex, commercial business complex, RV park, hospital, or school has a master meter, you’ll need annual and possibly quarterly master meter inspections for ACC compliance. Liberty-Gandy can complete these inspections along with completing repairs and replacements as needed.

Cathodic protection protects your steel, gas piping from corrosion and rust. The ACC requires Cathodic protection testing as a part of your annual inspection. Liberty-Gandy conducts this testing and any anode replacements as needed maintain your compliance.

Natural Gas Master Meter Inspection Near Me

We’re proud to serve the entire state of Arizona, including the following cities:

Apache Junction
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Chino Valley
Gold Canyon
Green Valley
Queen Creek
San Tan Valley
Sun City
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Sun Lakes
Verde Valley

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