Combined, Liberty-Gandy Pipeline Services of Arizona offers 46 years of experience in code compliance surveying, constructing gas pipeline distribution systems, pipeline repairs, system design, and other maintenance projects. Our values, training, and experience exceed your every expectation.

photo of Liberty Gandy Pipeline gas services in action; A large trench with new pipeline being lain down
Icon of a shovel, representing new pipeline installation by Liberty Gandy Pipeline

New Line Installation

We install aboveground and underground lines using the highest quality, approved materials.

Icon of a person wearing a hard hat and carrying a wrench, representing Liberty Gandy Pipeline repair services

Repair and relocation

We repair and relocate natural gas lines of all materials

Icon of a wrench and hammer, representing Liberty Gandy Pipeline Maintenance services

System Maintenance

We maintain gas systems so they meet the CFR 49 192 and ACC state codes.

Icon of a hand holding a manual, representing Liberty Gandy operator training services

Operator Training

We train you to correctly operate your equipment and how to be prepared for emergencies.

We are leading experts in maintaining and repairing master meters

Leak Surveys

We check for leaks quarterly and/or annually

Cathodic Protection Testing

We offer digital testing for annual performance readings. 

Line Locating

We locate gas lines electronically.

Gas Mapping

We use computers to create maps of the gas lines on your property and store them for future reference.

Maintenance and Training

We offer an annual operation and emergency training manual, including guidelines.

Project Management

Our project managers are the best in the business, skillfully managing many moving parts. We conduct proper due diligence and have the expertise to interface with vendors, business owners, and government agencies.

Because we understand the importance of your time, we closely track projects from beginning to end, communicate often, and provide daily progress reports.

Committed to safety

Safety is our #1 priority at Liberty-Gandy Pipeline Services of Arizona. Our goal is to provide a safe environment to eliminate injury to persons and damage to property and equipment.

Our team members are trained and hold all necessary qualifications and certifications required by the ACC.

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