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Master gas meter compliance and inspection is important to safety. Safety is our #1 priority at Liberty-Gandy – safety for our clients, the public, and our employees. We strive to eliminate safety incidents and provide a work environment that allows everyone to arrive home safely every day. We achieve this goal with trained, experienced technicians who hold all the necessary qualifications and certifications required by Arizona and the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

Our commitment to safety is apparent in everything we do, including protecting your equipment from erosion, servicing it to prevent fires and other dangers, and finding buried gas lines before you dig. Whatever issue we’re tackling, our goal is a safe, reliable, cost-effective solution.

How are gas pipelines regulated to ensure public safety and system reliability?

While pipelines that transport natural gas are subject to the laws of the US Department of Transportation, the Arizona Corporation Commission oversees the construction, operation, and maintenance of every pipeline within Arizona’s borders by administering and enforcing Arizona’s Pipeline Safety Rules. If safety inspectors discover a safety violation during an inspection, they’re authorized to ensure the violation is corrected, which can include your pipeline system being shut down and fining the operator. Read more on the official ACC website.

The Arizona Corporation Ciommission LogoAZCC Master gas Meter compliance Policy Update 2019

On January 1, 2019, the ACC instated a revised policy for master meter system operators. The new policy requires existing operators to become compliant with state and federal code requirements or be converted to a regular gas system operated by a regulated public service corporation. Companies have until December 2023 to become fully compliant and avoid fines. Read more on the official ACC website.

Liberty-Gandy Pipeline Services of Arizona has a combined 46 years of experience in the industry and is well qualified to help operators understand the advantages and disadvantages of becoming compliant versus being converted based on their situation.

We’d be happy to discuss the pros and cons and answer your questions to help you make the right choice for your system.

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